Here are some links to videos and literature relating to Naloxone, that you may find useful.

  • GoingOver real overdose stories, told by the people who were there

  • Mr Mange Goes Over

  • Take Home Naloxone – The Right to Survive Overdoses

  • LIVE! Using Injectable Naloxone to Reverse Opiate Overdose

  • Naloxone Saves Lives

  • Things to do with an Opiate/Heroin Overdose

  • Overdose Rescue / Naloxone Training

  • Positive Change Resources

  • Stop OD’s – Avoid the Risks of Overdose

  • Overdose Awareness Day: Avoid the Risks

  • Overdose Awareness Day: Avoidance of Overdose

  • Overdose Awareness Day Information (2009)

Exchange Supplies have a comprehensive catalogue of harm reduction materials including leaflets, booklets and DVD’s.

  • ‘Stop overdose deaths’ poster

  • After a Break: If you have stopped using heroin or other opiates

  • DVD: Overdose – 4 short films

  • Overdose campaign poster: risks and signs

  • Overdose campaign poster: recovery position

  • Overdose – how to cope in a crisis

  • Overdose campaign leaflet: detox and you

  • Naloxone leaflet

  • Going over / Naloxone DVD